Mortgage Loans Services

Mortgages and loans specialist
advice for individuals, couples and businesses.

Whether you’re an individual, a couple or a business owner, most of us only apply for a loan a few times in our lifetime. We understand that researching the financial options available can be confusing, time-consuming and often frustrating.

We believe getting informed advice before you apply for a loan helps you make the right decisions, save time, money and stress.

We understand your mortgage is one of your most significant investments and your property is one of the most valuable assets. That’s why you need to get the right advice, proper protection and the best solution for you.

The WinEx Accountants team work closely with a panel of qualified mortgage brokers and have solid relationships with the major banks and are committed to finding you the best deal.

Our team can help you by:

  • Assisting you in preparing a budget forecast for borrowing and refinancing
  • Arranging the correct structuring to protect your assets
  • Finding the right bank and lending manager for you to meet your goals
  • Arranging meetings with bank
  • Providing the bank with the right financial information
  • Liaising with banks on your behalf
  • Assisting with tax-effective loan structuring

When you work with us, you will have access to our trusted network of mortgage brokers and banking experts. They will help you by:

  • Evaluating and comparing loan rates
  • Advising on loan options
  • Advising on the benefits of fixed versus variable interest rates
  • Refinancing your existing loan(s) to suit your goals
  • Borrowing within your Self-Managed Superannuation Fund
  • Advising on consolidating existing debts

Commercial Finance Options

Whether your business is at a start-up or growth phase, one option to ease your cash flow is to consider commercial loans.

Our clients use commercial finance for various expenses including stock, supplies, staff, equipment, plant, vehicles, technology, renovations, construction or business fit-outs.

Our team can help you by researching and assessing the various finance options available to suit your business needs.

We give our clients peace of mind by providing a professional, detailed and personal accounting service

When you work with us, you’ll experience our approach to accounting, taxation and wealth management… we listen to our clients to provide financial solutions to meet their needs.

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