Monthly Archives: February 2021

Illegal Phoenixing: ATO Retaining Refunds

The ATO now has broader powers to retain refunds in instances where taxpayers have outstanding notifications. While the exercise of this discretion will not be taken lightly, the Commissioner indicates that it will be used in circumstances where the taxpayers are identified as engaged in high-risk behaviour or those engaging in illegal phoenix activity. For […]

JobMaker Hiring Credit: Is It Right For Your Business?

As the Australian economy gets back on its feet, the government has been very vocal about winding back various JobKeeper and JobSeeker measures. If you’re a business that still needs a little bit of a helping hand with hiring more workers, you can take advantage of the JobMaker Hiring Credit scheme which gives eligible businesses […]

Beware of ATO Data-Matching: Motor Vehicles

Individuals and businesses beware, the first data-matching program of 2021 calendar year has been initiated by the ATO and it relates to motor vehicle registries data. Information such as identification details (including names, addresses, DOB, ABNs) as well as transaction details (eg price of vehicle, type of transaction, vehicle garage address etc) will be acquired […]

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