Monthly Archives: February 2020

Get Ready For E-Audits

Are you ready for e-Audits? The ATO is finally moving with the times and have started conducting e-Audits using computer assisted verification techniques. This process is said to be more efficient, accurate and thorough than traditional audits with the advantage of also minimising the time ATO spends on your business premises. In this fast-paced world […]

Avoid an ATO Audit: Your Essential Guide to Small Business Benchmarks

The Australian Bureau of Statistics recently estimated that unreported business income totals around $24 billion, or 1.5% of our nation’s gross domestic product. To reduce the amount of money circulating under the radar, the ATO constantly monitors the cash economy to ensure small business owners report all of their income. Small business benchmarks are one […]

Three Common CGT Obstacles For Homeowners

Many homeowners are not aware that the “main residence” rules exempting the family home from capital gains tax (CGT) are in fact quite complex and contain many traps. It pays to be aware of the main residence rules and to plan ahead accordingly. In straightforward cases, a property owned by individuals and used as a […]

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